Here you will find our platforms here at Hepler Realty and what videos you should start with for your learning curve to take off! Follow this page that can be found under : “Training for Hepler Realty Agents”

We have videos to help with your sellers as our “selling process” and also have a video made for buyers. Once you have our process down dive in to how to get more business, but process first.

Company handbook upon request.

 First is our Transaction Management System: Zipforms   Subscribe to their learning site at:

Next is our Email Platform: Godaddy    Subscribe to their youtube channel


Next is our website platform that we use for Hepler Realty

Easy Agent Pro

 To start getting your mind on the lead game watch our website lead idea video

From the CRS class:  CRS Webinar on apps for Realtors

Redex is what you can use with our account to find prospects, please use the following youtube site for training:

Triad MLS Matrix

Next is our forms software, Zipforms    Subscribe to their youtube channel

Soil Scientist List PDF

Soil Scientist list


Tom Ferry

Goal Setting


 goal setting worksheet found here      

 Successful Business Breakthrough

Ricky Carruth

More Instructions on the dialer

New Redx program and dialer