Thomasville Lidl!

Nathan Hepler
Nathan Hepler
Published on August 31, 2016


They are now Open! Traffic should be lowered in a few weeks!! Thomasville Lidl.


 Seen plenty of post about what is coming to Thomasville?      Well here’s what we got coming verified by planning and zoning by yours truly: In front of Farm Bureau on Liberty Drive we have Cross fit Gym being built located at 1630 Liberty Dr. This will be called Chair City Crossfitt, they already have their site up at  if interested Call 336-250-8160 or email [email protected] facebook them at   also in the existing shopping center behind it we have a clothing store moving in. Then there is 1143 Randolph St which use to be Dales Place,    yes this will be a Lidl German Grocery store! Yea weird right? A Germany based “ALDI” has been here for a while now at 1033 Randolph St so now another German based store Lidl will be open soon on Randolph St. Thomasville is a International Store city! Read more info on the business journal here:   Then the great Kmart is closing, (coupons here) with lots of years at its current location (moved in at Southgate Shopping Center in the 70s and current location in the 80s!) it is only time for any size company to change or move or close. So the question is how many grocery stores do we have in Thomasville?  Start counting you will be surprised at the number! 0831161705b             0831161706


Have you checked out the Thomasville Lidl?


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