How is drones being used in todays Real Estate Marketing?

Nathan Hepler
Published on July 20, 2016

How is drones being used in todays Real Estate Marketing?

Most of you have seen or heard of “Drones” unless your living in a hole somewhere you have heard the buzz around these miniature helicopters that now take 4k video of whats below. This is and will be for some time the new wave of advertising larger homes or land that cant be walked. A experienced pilot of these drones can fly over and even land in areas that they cant even see! They use the camera on the device to watch where they are going and whats around it! Drones can create a view that even the new home owner will never see again, Inspectors can use to view roofs and chimneys, Appraisers could use drones to video the outside view of a home to view the footage at a later date. Buyers can now view video of a potential property out of state and see the neighboring homes and even what kind of dog the neighbor has! This changing the game in the Real Estate showing world! They can even shoot footage inside a home to produce a HD experience that is very similar in personally being there themselves. The ideas and uses for these tecno packed little devices are endless! This is why I believe we are seeing the early stages of a game changer! The Real Estate market changes from many things, supply and demand of coarse being the largest factor, but this just be what changes the way the market is viewed!   Check out what the US government says about the restrictions of a “un maned aircraft” .

So the next time you see a small UFO in the sky dont freak out, it might me Hepler Realty taking a video high in the sky for our next listing!  last blog post found at!

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Interesting info on the “worlds fastest drone”  (at the time)


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