Here is the latest from Guilford County and the two Real Estate Boards, High Point Board and Greensboro Board:

Professional services. Professional services, such as legal services, accounting services, insurance services, and real estate services (including but not limited to appraisal and title services); real estate broker/agent services involving human interaction and/or viewing the interior of residences or other structures shall be conducted remotely (online, phone, fax, e-mail, etc.) except that once an agreement to purchase/lease has been executed by the parties to a prospective transaction, a first walkthrough of the property under contract may take place and, prior to closing, a second and final walk through may take place, provided that each such walkthrough (a) shall include (whether simultaneously or sequentially) at most the buyer’s agent/broker and the buyer (for this purpose, buyer shall include up to two persons in instances where the buyer consists of more than one person or consists of a legal entity other than a person); (b) shall (as with all Essential Businesses) follow Social Distancing Requirements to the fullest extent possible; and (c) shall comply with then-current guidance from the National Association of Realtors for walkthroughs during COVID-19. Any photographs/video of the interior of residences or other structures used in the marketing or sale/lease of real estate that are created while this Proclamation is in effect must be shot/taken by a person who normally occupies the residence or structure.

Here is the latest from NC on the State Excutive order starting Monday March 30th. Download the order below!

How does the NC Realtors feel on the COVID-19? Read their page here updates found here:

Greensboro city Stay at Home Order

High Point Stay at home Order

What clients of Hepler Realty are asked to do:

If you are a seller and have your home under contract please be patient and understand with some attorneys cutting down their hours your closing could be postponed. We are working to get everyone’s home closed out just as soon as possible.

If you are a buyer please understand we will be taking measurements to keep you safe and our family’s safe in this pandemic and your transaction may be delayed but will move forward.

If you are a tenant please pay your rent online, go to and hit the “Our Rental Property” button and scroll down, hit pay. Link to pay here